Yes - we are different

We are not an ex journalist mass
market media training company.

What we are is a highly qualified bespoke interviewee focussed crisis media management company.

We prepare senior executives for the ‘Panorama Challenge’ from the camera side of the experience – not the journalist’s side – defining the skills necessary for you to manage the interviewer and win.

Protecting your brand and your job.

Shh - dont tell anyone, we won't

We understand that this is about
you and no one else.

We understand that our clients frequently prefer others not to know that they have sought advice. We understand the fear of ‘interview embarrassment’ in front of your people, and we understand that everyone, except you, believes you can knock spots off a BBC interviewer.

We understand, we’ve felt it! All our programmes are bespoke and completely confidential.

It's our secret.

We have the scars

Managing a crisis situation is tough.
We know...we've been there.

Staring at the camera, ear piece crackling with interview challenge, heart pounding, and panic stricken for fear of saying the wrong thing is tough. We know…we’ve been there.

All our coaching is undertaken only by highly experienced interviewees who have successfully faced the crisis media challenge. Then we put you to interview with the very people who gave us our scars.

The objective is that you don't get any.